Great Seafood Restaurants to Find in Denver

Great Seafood Restaurants to Find in Denver – Seafood becomes favorite menus of many people. Some people do not love meats and chickens so they choose seafood. There are also people who love all of them and having seafood is surely something different because fishes and other kinds of seafood offer different taste and sensation than the meats. In this case, there are some interesting recommendations of seafood restaurants in Denver.

One of the recommendations is Ocean Prime Greenwood Village. The restoration is located in the area of Denver Tech Center. It has nice location and it will not be difficult to access. People can find the location of restaurant easily. Then, Ocean Prime is not just ordinary seafood restaurant. It is very popular and even it has won the award of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Thus, there is nothing to worry about quality of foods, ingredients, and the tastes. As for the concept, it has modern American restaurant and it can also serve as lounge.

Customers will be welcomed by its stunning and interesting interior design. As for the menus, many options of seafood can be found and there are also steaks in the list of menus. Because it can also become nice lounge, customers can enjoy their time with friends and socialize as enjoying the foods. Reservation is recommended in this restaurant to make sure that customers get spot to enjoy the foods. Then, it is highly recommended to dress up and wear polished and polite outfits. Excessive revealing clothing and even clothing with offensive language are prohibited and the management has right to refuse those who come with inappropriate outfits.

Great Seafood Restaurants to Find in Denver

Next, there is Eddie V’s Prime Seafood restaurant. The restaurant serves luxurious dining experiences and the seafood is from the pristine waters to provide premium quality in each of the menu served by the restaurants. Each dish is served properly and even customers can see artistic serving on the plate. The nice thing is that the menu can change based on the seasons so there are seasonal ingredients depending on the time of customers come to the restaurants. In addition to its great seafood, customers can choose steaks and surely all of them are prime cuts. Then, the wines in the restaurant are surely special. The wine has been approved by Wine Spectator and there are many kinds of wine curated personally by the owner of the restaurant. On the lounge of the restaurant, customers can enjoy their time with nice cocktails and live music.

Shanahan’s Steakhouse becomes third recommendation. It is nice steakhouse but you can still find great menus of seafood so you do not need to worry about your food preference. One of the good things is about its interior. It shows timeless design with its combination of glass, granite, and even stone and steel on the decoration so things are surely great to give nice ambience in the restaurants. For the steak, Midwestern beefs are signature of the restaurant. As for the seafood that you are looking for, it is guaranteed that there are fresh ingredients every day to make sure that you and other customers will always get fresh and high quality of seafood. The fishes are from fisheries selected carefully because the restaurant really pays attention to the preservation of environment.

Crawfish Boil Co. becomes next place to go. This is nice restaurant for seafood lovers. Specifically, the restaurant says that all of its menus are able to bring great experiences and sensations toward those who enjoy the dishes. The restaurant has its own family recipe and it is recipe that has been passed down in generations. Fusion cuisines are great and all customers will find nice environment of restaurant that will increase the satisfaction in enjoying the seafood meals in the restaurant. All staff also shows great hospitality so each customer will surely become more comfortable as they enjoy the seafood.

Season 53 becomes nice recommendation. The restaurant also serves as wine bar. As for the wines, you can find 52 types of wine and all of them are world-class wines. Cocktails are also available for those who love spending time in bar. As for the main courses, there are steaks and seafood in the menu. All ingredients are fresh and even the restaurant guarantees that each main ingredient is not frozen to maintain its freshness. The restaurant still use the traditional brick oven to roast the ingredients to provide great tastes and maintain good heat until the food is served. It is highly recommended to make reservation before coming to the restaurant so there will be available spots because there are always crowds of customers in the bar and restaurants. The lunch and dinner are available every day and there are happy hours on Monday to Thursday. These surely are great and it is one of the nice recommendations of seafood restaurants in Denver that people should try at least once. Its bar will become nice options to enjoy high-quality wines.